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Doha Escalators

July 21, 2012 1 comment

Doha Escalators combines with the design style of the Germany romantic sentiment to ensure the high quality of the products and the elegant coziness, It is applicable for the occasions with large flow of passengers such as the shopping center,supermarket,subway,airport etc. It adds a bright and beautiful flowing scenery for your constructions.


1.Super-consciousness aesthetic design meets the characteristics of human physiology;

2.Humanized design, comfort and natural;

3.Advanced control system and driving device, superior driving system, superior driving chain, excellent workmanship assures the comfortable operation;

4.The safety protection functions as many as 21 items fully comply with national and European standard;

5.Automantic lubrication system lubricates all kinds of driving components, which prolongs products’ operation life greatly.

6.Micro-computer controlled system performs with rapid calculation speed, high reliable moving, and also with failure code fixed, easy to be maintained;

7.Drive device arranged vertically assures enough space and convinience for maintenance.

Utilize programmable logic controller system to present a stable and reliable operation with significant immunity.
With carefully select high grade steel material provide a larger capacity and longer life circle.
More selection of step width and angle choices provide customer more space for designing.
With wonderful decoration, Matiz escalators and APM can be one part with the surrounding environment.

Escalator Typical grasped the classical designing concept and advanced technology from TYPICAL Fully considering the safety of passenger and the transportation capability together with the application of hi-tech control system and most popular esthetic design to create a beautiful moving scenery of building in a modern city.


1.Static electricity protection

2.Emergency stop button

3.Skirting protection

4.Handrail entry safety protection

5.Main drive chains safety protection

6.Over-speed protection

7.Under-speed protection

8.Un-intentional reversal protection

9.Lack of phase, error phase protection

10.Short circuit protection

11.Over-load protection

12.Step sagging protection

13.Step chains safety protection

14.Comb safety guard

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Qatar Elevators

Qatar Elevators is dedicated to achieve the ultimate in excellence in our products and services manufacturing unit has the capacity to manufacture the products as per customer’s requirements.

Doha Lifts

Doha Lifts alarming buzzer brings your attention to safety operation prevents overheating caused by long time working

Doha Escalators

Doha Escalators Company in Qatar with elegance style special sculpt smooth line stable operation and advanced technology and the advanced technology to design and manufacture the goods.

Doha Elevators

Doha Elevators

Qatar Escalators

Qatar Escalators high grade steel material provide a larger capacity and longer life circle.

Qatar Lifts

Qatar Lifts Organic Board with Metal Bar and Pentagon Steel Plate Spraying Board se the matured car elevation technology to reduce the noise and more stable lifting