It adopts the advanced control system and decelerator The superior drive chain and precise installation technology ensure the product running coziness automatic lubricating system can guarantee the prompt and automatic parts fueling which enhance the use live of the products. The unique single-side positioning high-accuracy U-shaped guide rail is outfitted with high quality guard of perfect feel so that safety will be guaranteed, still, with a sense of elegance


always keeps in step with the technology development in the world. The J-type escalator with simple and smooth design saves much space for users; the A-type escalator with multi-drive makes unlimited traveling height possible; the innovation of the spiral escalator undermines the traditional concept that escalator has to travel up and down in a straight line. The buzzer will makes the sound automatically when the escalator or the moving walks start which is to make the passenger pay attention to it, guarantee the passenger safety

Automatic operation combing with the entrance signal pickup can contribute to the saving of the energy.
Variable frequency drive combing with low-speed operation can contribute to the saving of the energy up to 30%.
Safe and beautiful steps design;the strength of the durable and erosion-resistant stainless steel step is three times than aluminum alloy;noticeable yellow delimitation to guide the passengers to stand on the safe position.
Elegant aluminum alloy edge plate design which is skidproof,light and safe.
The decoration panel is installed with anti-clamping strip to protect the passengers from being clamped.
Square truss which features sturdy structure,good welding,high loading and reliable operation.
Handrail exit:fashionable streamline appearance;the protective device on the handrail exit ensures the safety of the passengers.

You can also require our home elevator for you villa.

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