Doha Escalators fully applies the novel materials and advanced technology both at home and abroad to design and manufacture the elevators. Import hairline stainless steel, it was fixed to both sides of the stairs, Right steps are the guiding role of supporting and protecting as use, while protecting the safety of passengers,its requirements are surface smooth, tight seam


Variable frequency system (ACVF) will save energy further more for you and reduce peak current. VVVF energy saving system can save energy 65% at most. When no load, Edunburgh escalators will run at low speed. And once there are passengers on it, it will come back to normal speed automatically and smoothly. That will bring great benefits to you in the future.

– Configuration packages and rises up to 42 feet (higher rises up to 65′ available upon request)
– Two, three and four flat step configurations
– Three step widths for optimal passenger flow and space requirements
– Tough 1/2” stainless steel sandwich panels for inclined balustrades
– Mechanical components designed for extreme demands of public transport operations, regardless of environmental conditions
– Weatherproofing options for outdoor operation
– Elegant, rounded balustrade, and innovative, stylish handrail entry for timeless appeal
– Unprecedented color choices for handrails, steps, skirt panels, decking, endcaps and more
– Over two dozen important safety features.

Skilled maintainers who are distributed in the afiliales and maintenance stations throughout the country provide preventive maintenance and repair for all Fuji products through constant technical training.

1.The escalator is designed and manufactured with international advanced technology;
2.It is of refined structure,advanced rails, refined track and exquisite appearance.
3.Its stable operation and convenient maintenance brings brand-new bright feelings and comfort to passengers and lets them appreciate transcendent charm and luxury fo modern architecture.

Outstanding technology:

1.Fault display

2.Demarcation lamp

3.Handrail inlet

4.Automatic oilong

5.Automatic start/stop travel device

6.Step chain-roller inbuilt

7.Handrail color(Black standard)

8.The glass wainscot color(colorless and transparent standard)

9.Energy saving operation modes

10.Standard offering has high end finishes

11.Heating device

12.Oil/water separator (Apply to outdoor type)

13.Running direction indication

14.Comb illumination

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